Gridbots Innovation Labs

At Gridbots - We have one thing going round the clock
and that is Innovation ! We innovate every day
- every hour and every second.

Bring something new - to the society - to our customers
and to this world ! Every product which we develop
- every technology we invent - has something as fresh
as mint !

Here are some of world leading establishments recognising our innovation work.

Challenging the Obvious !

We at Gridbots - dont work - We enjoy and We do it every day - every hour - every second !
because we dont do anything which is obvious ! This gives us the refreshing creational
energy while working on problems - challenges and hardships ! For us - every problem is
new - every challenge is new - and we take it head on ! So is the motive behind creating
Gridbots Innovation Labs - Which churns out new big ideas - to transform them into huge
business oppurtunities. If you think - you should have been a part of Gridbots Innovation Labs - Do write to us and We will revert back for sure !

Re-Inventing the Wheel - Fostering Innovation !
We belive that if the need be - Reinvent the wheel !
As innovation and creativity have no limits - Thus the efforts to do something new shall continue !
If you think you have a sparkling idea - or you have done ground breaking research in the field of robotics which you think can change the game - Come, talk to us - We will incubate your technology - Will validate and will commercialise the same.

Mail your brief idea to [contact [AT] gridbots [DOT] com mentioning why and how your idea will break the myth or will bring the next change ! If your idea gets selected - You will get a chance to meet our innovation team and get incubation support at Gridbots Innovation Labs